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Category Problem Statements

Food and Beverage

  • A unified menu-management system that works across ordering platforms so that an operator only needs to update menu details (item name, description, availability, pricing, etc.) inside of Square and can push it out to 3rd party providers 
  • Tools to understand what items are most commonly ordered together, which of those items enhance check average and what impact discounting and pricing has on sales volumes 
  • Leveraging purchasing information from customers and creating an easy to use input form to generate voluntary dining party lists for contact tracing 
  • A queuing system for orders that gives the operator the ability to prioritize their timing e.g., an operator may want to prioritize in-unit orders over 3rd party orders, orders that were taken directly from the restaurant (either online, at the counter or over the phone) etc.
  • The temperature of guests must be taken before they’re seated
  • Spaces need to be reorganized to seat diners 6 ft apart
  • Payment needs to be contactless 
  • Menus can’t be handled by multiple guests


  • A profitable way of moving outdated inventory without severe discounts
  • Make in-store visits extra memorable and personalized for customers who do come in  
  • Unique ways for customers to shop, engage and help promote a business 
  • Gamify how quickly buyers respond to offers
  • Encourage shoppers to buy locally through collective rewards programs with other shops in the community
  • A holistic and integrated touch free system for the outdoor retail/rental industries that handles contactless information intake, payment, and equipment pickup/dropoff


  • For clinics that are doing COVID-19  testing, the medical practice will need to track inventory of COVID-19 tests that the medical practice has on hand and administers in real-time to patients
  • How can a patient make an all-cash payment quickly to the physician/provider for some service rendered remotely.
  • Contactless pickup/drop off of pets at veterinary offices
  • Contactless intake forms

Services & Other

  • Video consultations 
  • Contactless intake forms
  • Contactless payment