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about 2 years ago

Fun Hack Fact Friday + Tech Office Hours on 6/3

New! Office Hours: join the #hackathons channel in the Square Slack on June 3rd from 10am - 12pm PT and ask Richard (@moot) all your technical questions about Square!

Did you know?  There are so many ways Square developer tools can help small businesses adapt and grow during these challenging times.

Whether or not you have already started building your solution for this hackathon, here are a few ideas to help you hit the ground running: 


Retail stores have been forced to transition to online sales and payments due to the social distancing measures put in place in many areas due to the pandemic.  Square can help these businesses make that transition in their sales, marketing and more.

Food & Beverage

Food and beverage industries have had to quickly adapt to contactless payment, online ordering and delivery methods.  Square can help bars, breweries, wineries, restaurants and other food and beverage industries adapt to these changes both now and in the future.


Health and wellness are more important now than ever.  From primary care to massage therapists, Square can be used to reduce and transition traditional paperwork online, implement online payment systems for patients and more to reduce the amount of time needed in the office waiting room.

Services & Other

Service providers such as house cleaners and contractors will need to make adjustments to the way they do business, now and after the pandemic.  Square can help transition pricing, paperwork, payroll and appointments online.

These ideas are just a few that exist and this list is not meant to be a directive - we want you to be innovative.  Check out these and more on the Resources tab of the website.

Keep up the good work, we can’t wait to see what you build for beyond the crisis.


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.